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About FaCT's Anchor Faith Communities

Under the leadership of FaCT Board member, Bob Maher, FaCT has been adding Anchor Congregations. These are Congregations whose mission, outreach, social justice, or environmental action committees have chosen to cooperate with FaCT on environmental education and environmental action projects. These congregations cooperate closely with FaCT on projects involving climate change, frack waste pollution, petrochemical & plastics pollution, and social justice aspects of these problems. These anchors also serve as organizing hubs for their respective neighborhoods and regions.

For example, last year, the congregation of West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Rocky River cooperated with FaCT to mount an environmental expo at the church. FaCT contributed $1,000 to help fund the project.

FaCT Anchor Community Activities

FaCT Anchor Faith Communities often undertake joint projects. These often involve invitations to neighboring faith communities and to the general public to participate. Here are some of the recent joint activities:

MAY – Post Card Writing Project in support of Ohio HB 197, providing for community solar projects in Ohio. The Anchors generated more than 140 post cards to the Ohio House Natural Resources Committee.

JUNE – JULY – Showing the video “Common Ground,” which explains how regenerative agriculture can restore the soil and help sequester greenhouse gases.

If you would like your faith community to find out more about becoming a FaCT Anchor, please email Anchor Chair Bob Maher at: rm823990@ohio.edu


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