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Cleveland International Film Festival - Impossible Town

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On April 9 at noon, FaCT is excited to act as a community partner with Cleveland International Film Festival, Northeast Ohio Sierra Club, and Drink Local Drink Tap for the initial screening of Impossible Town at the Mimi Ohio Theater in Cleveland Playhouse Square.

Please join us for a panel discussion with filmmakers, activists, and experts in the field immediately following the April 9 movie.

Impossible Town will also be shown on April 11 and can be streamed online between April 14 and April 21.

In 1984, Minden, West Virginia was changed forever when polychlorinated biphenyls (or PCBs) got into the soil and water, leading to decades of cancer diagnoses. Follow the story of Dr. Ayne Amjad, whose father’s death spurred her to become a state health officer and attempt to heal this small town once and for all. Former coal mining town Minden, West Virginia is plagued with hazardous chemicals, and the EPA has declared it one of the most toxic locations in America. Dr. Ayne Amjad leads the charge for the path forward, carrying on her recently deceased father’s legacy of caring for the townsfolk. When she takes on a state-level role, she faces new challenges to receiving adequate compensation for the citizens of Minden. And her hopes of relocating the town to a nearby community that was not exposed are in jeopardy. Illuminating the struggles faced by polluted communities and the obstacles preventing public health officials from helping them, IMPOSSIBLE TOWN takes a personal, soberly outraged approach to finding justice for a public health crisis. —C.F.

You can view the movie trailer here.

We look forward to seeing you at this CIFF screening and panel discussion on April 9!


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