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Distinguished Speaker Jennifer Ackerman: What an Owl Knows

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Jennifer Ackerman: What an Owl Knows: The new science of the world’s most enigmatic birds

An instant New York Times bestseller, What An Owl Knows is an exciting exploration of the new science of owls and an investigation into why these remarkable and mysterious birds exert such a hold on the human imagination.

With their forward gaze and quiet flight, owls are often a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and foresight. But what does an owl really know? And what do we really know about owls? This book tells the extraordinary story of how we’ve come to understand owls, their biology, brains, and behavior, and explores many of the surprising new scientific discoveries: how owls talk to one another, how they ‘see’ sound, how they court their mates in wild and outlandish ways and fiercely protect their nests, how they migrate huge distances and survive the radically changing conditions of our planet. From jenniferackermanauthor.com

Jennifer Ackerman graduated cum laude from Yale University and has been writing about science, nature, and health for more than three decades. Her work aims to explain and interpret science for a lay audience and to explore the riddles of the natural world, blending scientific knowledge with strong storytelling.

Ackerman has won multiple awards and fellowships, she has written seven books which have been published in more than a dozen languages, she’s appeared on radio and TV shows and she has presented her work at venues around the world.

What an Owl Knows: The new science of the world’s most enigmatic birds is available as an audiobook read by Jennifer Ackerman, ebook, hard cover, and paperback.

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