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On April 9 at noon, FaCT is excited to act as a community partner with Cleveland International Film Festival, Northeast Ohio Sierra Club, and Drink Local Drink Tap for the initial screening of Impossible Town at the Mimi Ohio Theater in Cleveland Playhouse Square.

Please join us for a panel discussion with filmmakers, activists, and experts ...

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This column mostly aims to provide practical advice, but once a year or so I need to remind everyone of why we garden. This is particularly aimed at anyone still debating whether to bother with starting—or maintaining—a garden (short answer: yes).

There are several reasons it’s worth the time, effort, and some expense to put in a garden, whether ...

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There are several reasons I am starting an irregular personal newsletter. I am starting it now, because I am shifting to a new period in my writing life. I am just about done with my second book on environmental activism, organizing, and social movements locally and regionally.

The first book was Democratizing Cleveland: The rise and ...

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The oceans of the world set a new heat record in 2023, the sixth straight year that temperature records have been broken. According to scientists, the temperature in 2023 surpassed the record set in 2022 by .5 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Professor John Abraham of St. Thomas University in Minnesota, this was due to both climate change and a strong ...


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