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Fossil Fuels

Norfolk Southern’s Promises vs. Lobbying Reality

According to a report in the Washington Post on February 3, Norfolk CEO Alan Shaw told local reporters in East Palestine that he wants a response to the catastrophe of February 4, 2023 that he and the community can be proud of. Meanwhile, lobbyists working for Norfolk Southern ...

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Spring is usually the time homeowners decide to take inventory of unnecessary “junk” and clean out closets, garages, and other areas of their homes. It is also a good time to detox your home. We all have items that have outlived their usefulness, but detoxing a home involves looking at the ingredients in items that could be toxic.

Garages Look ...

solutions to the environmental crisis
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Real Solutions

This has been a long tour through the Wonderland of fake solutions to climate change, ideas designed to splash a coat of green paint on Business As Usual so that certain private interests can keep getting richer…and so the rest of us need not be bothered with changing our habits or lifestyle.

This won’t do. The crisis we face, a crisis of ...


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