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Sustainable Living

Some people are lucky enough to have a career that is a calling. They may be well paid to do what they love, to do something that is needed and that utilizes their unique set of skills and talents. But those are a fortunate few.

Most of us are not so favored, and are pushed to find a career that pays the bills, bills that keep increasing as ...

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Book Review

There are many ways to look at environmental issues. Wasteland suggests that we begin with our garbage. Your trash can, your toilet, recycling bin and compost pile can tell you all you ever want to know about our environment, our societies and ourselves. This is a well established fundamental of archeology where entire vanished societies can be described ...

Pipeline cutting through natural areas in Harrison County
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Fracking in Harrison County

Have you noticed that every oil and gas drilling rig has an American flag anchored to the top? For most Americans, that flag represents freedom. So, it’s ironic that Ohio’s pro-fossil fuel Republicans in the General Assembly usurp many rights and freedoms from Ohio citizens while they cater to the oil and gas industry.

Exemptions ...

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Spring is usually the time homeowners decide to take inventory of unnecessary “junk” and clean out closets, garages, and other areas of their homes. It is also a good time to detox your home. We all have items that have outlived their usefulness, but detoxing a home involves looking at the ingredients in items that could be toxic.

Garages Look ...

solutions to the environmental crisis
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Real Solutions

This has been a long tour through the Wonderland of fake solutions to climate change, ideas designed to splash a coat of green paint on Business As Usual so that certain private interests can keep getting richer…and so the rest of us need not be bothered with changing our habits or lifestyle.

This won’t do. The crisis we face, a crisis of ...

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Distinguished Speaker Series

Saturday, February 10 at 3pm

On February 10, we invite you to an online presentation by Dr. Donald J. Wuebbles addressing the effects of climate change on human geography, economy, agriculture, ecosystem health, and biodiversity in the Great Lakes region.

Dr. Wuebbles is an expert in atmospheric physics and chemistry ...

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Wind Energy

Greetings Wind Advocates,

Earlier this month, LEEDCo put out a press release stating that they had decided to temporarily pause the Icebreaker Wind Project. Although this was very disappointing news, it was not entirely unexpected. ...


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