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Niagara Falls, New York

From 1942 to 1953, the Hooker Chemical Corporation, as well as the city of Niagara Falls and the United States Army, began using a partially dug canal as a chemical waste dump. Hundreds of barrels of toxic chemicals were buried in the enormous canal; ten feet deep, sixty feet wide, and three thousand ...

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Distinguished Speaker Series

Justin Nobel holds a Master of Science in Journalism and Master of Arts in Earth & Environmental Science from Columbia University, with a focus on alternative energy, biodiversity, disease ecology, and journalism. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Earth and Environmental Science from Duke University.

As an investigative journalist, ...

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by Ron Prosek

The first half of March was pretty nice here in Northeast Ohio. Daffodils and some trees were blooming already. After St. Patrick’s Day, it seemed like winter was returning, but spring is here, and it WILL get warmer. So my thoughts, and those of many others, are already turning to backyard vegetable gardens. I’ve already planted ...

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On February 26, Ohio proved once again that nothing in the state is sacred when it comes to making money from fracking. In addition to some Department of Transportation parcels, the 5-member Oil and ...

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On April 9 at noon, FaCT is excited to act as a community partner with Cleveland International Film Festival, Northeast Ohio Sierra Club, and Drink Local Drink Tap for the initial screening of Impossible Town at the Mimi Ohio Theater in Cleveland Playhouse Square.

Please join us for a panel discussion with filmmakers, activists, and experts ...

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This event is sponsored by the West Shore Social Action Committee and co-hosted by West Shore FaCT.

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This column mostly aims to provide practical advice, but once a year or so I need to remind everyone of why we garden. This is particularly aimed at anyone still debating whether to bother with starting—or maintaining—a garden (short answer: yes).

There are several reasons it’s worth the time, effort, and some expense to put in a garden, whether ...


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